It’s understandable that your apprehension about tossing your beloved shade as soon as it arises to an unexpected end. Here are some cool ways to fix a broken lipstick tube, no matter where it came from:

If your lipstick cracked towards the centre, use a lighter to melt a portion of it (preferably the part that is still in the tube) and carefully smoosh the broken part back onto the tube piece. You want to lose the least amount of product feasible (if the part still in the tube is too small, burn the smashed bit instead and stick it back on the tube bit as soon as you take it away from the fire). Use a paper clip to shape lipstick from the top around the sides of the bullet to make it more secure. It will solidify in a matter of minutes if you put it in the freezer and this is how you can salvage a broken lipstick.

If the stick breaks cleanly at the base, you’re one of the lucky ones. Scoop off the extra lipstick on the foundation with a paper clip or a clean bobby pin. Place the larger broken piece on the vile in its place. Your lipstick will be a little shorter, but it will be the most secure it can be. Don’t push yourself too hard, or you’ll aggravate an already difficult issue.

Removing the top:

Remove the broken top of your lipstick with a toothpick or tweezers, and try to keep it as close to its original shape as possible. Use tweezers to pull the stick out all at once, or swipe the toothpick around the top’s sides. Alternatively, if it’s too ample distress, leave it on topmost and use a brush to put on it from now on.

lipstick tube

If your lipstick is damaged beyond repair, remove it and preserve it in a tiny container or palette. If you have a little more time and energy, you can either scoop it out or deal with a lumpy mess every time you use it, or you may liquefy it in a spoon over a wax candle flare, transfer the liquefied formula into the small ampule, and let it firm in the freezer.

To repair a broken lipstick, if your lipstick was only a small nub at first, press it back into the tube with a Q-tip and apply it with a lip brush.

If you live in a hot environment and this happens regularly, a reusable lipstick mould is a good investment. Keep your lipstick and other cosmetics out of direct sunlight and heat.