Here are some tricks to make thin eyebrows look full-

Make use of a brow pencil.

Colored brows can help you accent crucial points in your shape while also giving your brows a professional appearance and make thicker eyebrows with makeup. They also have a longer shelf life than powdered versions. You can only remove hair when tweezing your brows, but applying a brow pencil to fill in the gaps can assist revamp your contour. Eyebrow stencils are normally sold in sets of five, allowing you to experiment with the shape and thickness of your brows.

make thicker eyebrowsTinting is an option.

Consider having your brows coloured by a professional if cosmetic treatments aren’t cutting it for you. The eyebrow shade is a dye that darkens the color of your brows, giving them a fuller; more even appearance and grow fuller eyebrows. Tinting your brows is a wonderful technique to make the most of your existing shape for women with light blonde brows or greys creeping in.

Make use of a serum.

If you notice that your brow hair isn’t growing back on its own, it could be due to damage to the hair follicle caused by years of plucking the hair from its root to get fuller eyebrows with makeup. When it comes to brow serum, this is when it can truly help. The serum will help to stimulate the hair follicle and promote new hair growth right away.

Make sure you have the correct lighting.

You’ll slip into a profound tweezers trance if you look at your brow hairs so carefully, resulting in over-plucking. Pluck in bright light near your bathroom mirror, then take a step back and inspect the overall shape from a safe distance. It’s also a good idea to check the contour from both sides with a hand mirror.

Tweezing more than one hair at a time is not recommended.

Be as patient as possible when cleaning up your brows amid specialized shaping’s or when trying self-grooming. It only takes one bad hair to ruin your brows. It would be best if you assumed your artist’s position and carefully removed only the required hairs. Use a good pair of slant-tip tweezers to tweeze, holding the skin taut and gently plucking one hair at a time in the direction of hair growth. It’s important to remember that you can always take more, but you can’t take them back.

Waxing and threading are not recommended

Waxing can cause burns, expose you to toxins, and break down your collagen, causing wrinkles. Threading also results in brows that are thin, sharp, and irregular. Instead, for best results, use your favourite tweezers and small trimming scissors. It’s not only a chemical-free method that works on all skin types, but the results are also more accurate and appealing.