Some narcissists will exploit their love partner to satisfy unrealistic self-serving desires, realize unrealized dreams, or hide self-perceived defects and deficiencies.


Frequently expect others to treat better than they deserve even in a relationship with a narcissist. They expect others to cater to their wants without reciprocating with consideration. The world swirls around them in their minds. Take note of how your date treats service personnel such as waitresses and waiters, as well as other support employees. Be wary if he or she commands them around like a monarch or picks on tiny service defects. Your date may begin to treat you with the same kind of entitlement at some point.

potential narcissist

Breaker of Rules and Infringer of Boundaries

Cutting in line, chronic undertipping, stealing office supplies, missing repeated appointments, and breaching traffic regulations are traits of a narcissist who likes getting away with.

Immediate gratification

Because they are so self-centred and self-absorbed, some narcissists seek immediate gratification to satisfy their wants. This might include everything from nagging you to respond to their texts or phone calls right away to pressuring you to do things their way. A fast approach to spot a potential narcissist is to politely decline or say, “Let me think about it,” to a request you’re unsure about and see how your date reacts. Take note if she or he persists in trying to persuade you and shows signs of frustration, frustration, or rage.

Inconsistency and a failure to follow through

Another sign you’re dating a narcissist is to contrast her or his behaviour with her or his statements. Many narcissists are untrustworthy and unreliable. This might include everything from constantly missing appointments to consistently breaching pledges and commitments. Lack of dependability can also be emotionally draining, as when someone is there for you one minute and then disappears the next.

A self-centred person who enjoys talking about himself

Listening to the way someone speaks is one of the easiest ways to spot a potential narcissist. A pathological narcissist enjoys talking about himself, usually in grandiose and exaggerated terms. She’s also the type of person that will take over a conversation. Achievements and achievements (the trophy complex), thrilling and envy-worthy activities, excessive concentration on personal worries and problems, excessive concentration on appearance and materialism, and tearing others down to display one’s superiority are all common talking subjects narcissists. As a result, they may lash out if you want to spend time with your friends. They may accuse you of not spending enough time with them, make you feel guilty for socializing with your friends or criticize the sorts of friends you have.